3 May 2012

1980's Costume

This is the result of all my 80's research at the weekend, my friend described it as 'things people wore in the 80's, but all at the same time'. Most of it I found in my wardrobe, all I had to buy was the yellow t-shirt and some jewellery.
  • Yellow neon flower hairband; Claire's Accessories €6 but part of a 3 for 2 deal.
  • Geometric dangle earrings; Claires accessories €6 part of the 3 for 2 deal
  • 2 beaded necklaces: Pennies €3 each
  • Backless yellow t-shirt; Pennies €6
  • Red long sleeved t-shirt: Dunnes €6
  • Vintage A-wear jacket: I bought it a few years ago in Dublin and never wore it, but now it will be leaving my dress up box and I'll be wearing it on a regular basis, I love it. I think it was around €25 and it came with a pair of trousers.
  • Red Belt: Pennies €3
  • 3 Bracelets: Claire's accessories approx €5
  • Blue skirt with pockets; Pennies approx. €5
  • Red tights: Pennies €3
  • The legwarmers are years old, I can't remember where I bought them
  • I had to buy these white shoes after I damaged them in a fashion show that I had, I never wore them but I knew they would come in handy some day! €10

 Yellow and green eye-shadow; yikes!  
Sharon(on the right) had an amazing costume but I have no decent photos of her, shiny tracksuit, with a cassette walkman and a side ponytail; classy bird!  
 The birthday boy as a 'wanna be Don Johnson' with Dolly Parton
 I love this purple leopard print dress, with Curehead Paul
Dawn dressed as herself in the 80's, I was understandably obsessed with her hat!

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  1. Ahh Ruth - you're soooooo flippin cute! love the hair do or should i say don't! looks like a bangin party ;D

    1. I had to don a headscarf the next day when I went to work, there was no way I could tackle it without industrial conditioner!

  2. Brilliant! I love the jacket. Looks like great fun.

    1. True to form the jacket migrated to the the coat stand, I've worn it a couple of times since


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