1 May 2012

How-To Lavender Sachet

I got a call the other night from a friend asking me to making a present of a lavender sachet for a 90 year old woman, not a request I get every day! I have never made one, but years ago my sister in-law Shelly taught me how to make crane bags, and when I was around 10 I made a tonne of them. But it had been a while, 20 years, since making the last one. 

1. Get a large dinner plate or lid and trace out a circle on two different, but matching pieces of fabric.

2. For a bit of extra decoration to the outside of the bag I added small pieces of matching fabric, composed them together and pinned in place.

3. I used a zigzag double layered stitch on my machine to applique on the extra bits of fabric, you don't need to do the edges of the circle as these will be sewn later.

4. This is what it should look like.

5. Get your second circle of fabric and face them both inwards, if it helps pin the two circles together. I also wanted to add a lace trim(as the lady who this was intended for is 90). With the frilly edging facing inside your fabric leave a small edge peeping out, see image above.

6. Sew together in small straight running stitch, I set my machine to No.2. Leave a small gap at the end.

7. Turn your sachet back around to the right side, take your time, you'll get there in the end.

8. This is what it looks like after being reversed, notice the small gap, this will be fixed later. About 3/4" in from the edge sew a straight running stitch all around the diameter. I forgot to take a picture of this stage, but you can see it in the picture below.

9. This is the really frustrating bit. You need to insert string or ribbon into the gap that has been made around the diameter of the circle. I Cellotaped my ribbon to some circular knitting needles, these are perfect as the have a pointy end but are flexible.

10. Persist with this stage, you make muck it up and have to start again, go slowly and try not to force your needle through your seams.

11. With a bit of hand stitching tidy up the gap that was left, turning in the edges. If you used lace make sure to sew the two end together.

12. Fill with lavender and pull tight to close it. I'm allergic to lavender hence there is no sight of it in these photos! To add the extra loop to hand the sachet in your wardrobe you just add one extra loop before lacing it as normal. Like tying your shoes but adding one extra loop step. Sorry it was too hard to do that last step and take a picture, I don't have a third hand.

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  1. Woah, thanks so much for this - I want to make many sachets to protect my yarns from moths! And I love the smell of Lavender!


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