29 May 2012

My Studio

I just added a third table to my studio the other day to accommodate my new heat press machine. I've gotten really used to having an 'L' shaped desk and I didn't want to lose the extra space. The third table makes the room feel smaller, but since i have my back turned to it most of the time it's fine. It also means we have gotten our kitchen table back, as that's where the press was living for the past 3 weeks!
I had wanted to cover this wall in pictures that I've collected over the years, but since it's an external wall the heat changes meant that blue-tac only worked for a few days before all the pictures fell down. I don't want to put them in frames and hang them gallery style as the house is rented and my landlord would kill me for giving his wall the chicken pox. Any suggestions for a super sticky alternative to hanging prints?

 My permanent photography area that I have shockingly managed to keep clear!!

Here is my shelving I got in Woodies DIY, it seemed like the only affordable way to store all my junk essential craft supplies. Part of me is disappointed that I don't have beautiful matching storage boxes like you see in designer studios blog posts, but I just bought what I could afford. I'm happy with my effort to make those butt ugly laundry baskets look nicer by lining them with polka dot fabric.

My amazing heat press. I've been having trouble with burning bags and 'cooking' time, but I bought a teflon sheet on ebay which will hopefully solve this problem.

This is what I spend most of my my looking at. If the garden was in any way pretty I would open the blinds, but it's the size of a toilet cubicle and houses two bins and lots of bottle recycling. There are also two neighbours windows that look right into this room.

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  1. Love seeing other people's design spaces - mine is the kitchen table, the sitting room floor....thinking of rejigging the spare room wardrobe to give me a decent permanent storage base thus avoiding frantic seaches for bubble wrap or ribbon but need a rainy day for that methinks!

  2. This is a lovely working space you have here, I am jealous. Just as Sarah above, I work on my dining room table and kitchen table, I dream of a dedicated room ! Anyways, I love what you did with the room.

  3. Love your space and thats a great idea for keeping a photography area -will be doing that myself :D Sarah


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