8 May 2012

Website for Limerick Craft and Design

I spent a lot of time last week building the website for the craft co-op shop that I'm organising at the moment; Limerick Craft & Design. Originally I tried to make the site on blogspot, but as I need lots of pages for the different artists Wordpress was more suited as there is a limit to 20 pages on blogspot. I have been hearing for ages about how fantastic Wordpress is, and I'm sure it is when you get to grips with it, but I was quite frustrated at learning a new interface. I also didn't know you had to pay $30 to get any control over the design of the site, which is a tad galling as it's free here. Even after paying the fee I came to the realisation that CSS is way above my head and I had no clue how to alter the most basic things. My friend Lorraine came to the rescue and she will be making small design changes to make the site look prettier over the next week or so.

In the meantime I found my bearings and went about making the bones of the site. I do like that you can make a home page instead of people landing on the blog. It's a very simple website, but at the moment that's all we need. Each artist has their own page, I've only uploaded the info to a few of them, but so far you can read about; Fabulous Felt, Oh Sew Pretty, Magic Forest Toys and Me.

The site will grow in time as people send more info, and when the shop opens obviously we will have more to talk about. We are waiting on confirmation this week on the exact venue, so I'll probably get very busy over the next couple of weeks...hopefully!

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  1. You're a volcano! The site came out great :D

  2. Website is really looks so nice. Colour combination is perfect.


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