7 Aug 2012

Advertising Slots on My Blog

I've been mulling over the idea of having ads on my blog for a while. I put loads of time into blogging and it makes sense to see if I can make a bit of money out of it. I've been doing it for nearly five years now, but in the last year I've seen my traffic nearly quadruple( which is really nice!). I think this is down to having more how-to articles, being more active on Facebook and Pinterest, and writing regular pieces like What I'm Wearing and Hotty but Notty.

Having said that I really didn't want to have ugly Google ads popping up underneath my posts for weight loss and anti-aging creams, it just seems a bit crass really. Recently I started reading The Dainty Squid and Elycia and they do sponsorship slots on their blogs, the ads are done really tastefully and they match what the blogs are about, it seemed like a perfect idea. So I bit the bullet and came up with two payment options. I decided to start pretty low (affordable!) and see how it goes, I'm not in the mega blogger league yet but I have a steady flow of traffic every day, so my prices reflect that. 

There are 3 slots for large ads at €20 per month and 10 slots for regular ads for only €10 per month. They will be allotted on a first come first serve basis. To read more about what's on offer head over to my sponsorship page now. When someone opts to go with the large sponsorship they can opt to have me host a giveaway of their work. This will be limited too, so jump in there quick! I will reserve the right to refuse advertising, I won't allow anything unethical or illegal (obviously!). I expect that these ad slots will peak the interest of other craft/style/lifestyle bloggers as that's who my readers are. Since this is my first month doing this, I'm giving one month extra free. They will be starting in September, which means that you will receive a slot of the same size for October too. If you are interested just email at ruthcrean@yahoo.ie and I'll be in touch.

Another thing that Elycia does that I really like is to have a top 5 picks of the month feature, showing some of her sponsors. She chooses her favourite shops, tells a little about them and links to their shop, site, facebook etc. I've found loads of new blogs from these articles, and they feel less like advertising and more like 'look at these super cool blogs'. I will definitely be doing this with my sponsors!

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  1. You should go for it! You have a wonderful blog and I am always checking back on your tutorials which are such a help I am sure to many of us. Best of luck with it, Maria


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