9 Aug 2012

Lazy Hazy Sundays

Image courtesy of Kenart Corp
As you know I've been doing the Sunday market for years, it's gone through fits and stages of being great and then very quiet. A few weeks back the guys from The Blind Pig took over the entertainment at the market, and have labelled it Lazy Hazy Sundays. There have been a mix of live music and Dj's and the combination works really well. I was delighted when I heard that they were taking it over as they run one of my favourite bars in Limerick The Blind Pig and Dr.John's. 

Even though I was 'at work' I had a super chilled out day. While I was setting up I could hear the really relaxing music that was being played for the Yoga and Tai Chi classes(it's only €2 per class, yoga at 11am and Tai Chi at 12pm). I got the most amazing crepe from Bon Appetit; buckwheat crepe with spinach, feta, pesto, olives, sundried tomatoes and bacon, it was heaven on a plate. Then I had a good old natter with some tourists who were passing through who also loved buttons and books! It's quiet enough that I can read my book at the stall guilt free(Wrong About Japan by Peter Carey), but busy enough that I still make money, the perfect balance! I then gave into temptation and had some yummy chocolate from The Limerick Chocolate Shop with a cup of tea from Mari's
Image courtesy of Kenart Corp

My friend John Greenwood was DJ-ing on Sunday and he hit the perfect balance of retro laid back jazz with more lively funky tunes. I found myself bopping about a bit while I was reading or chatting. The week previous the weather was so nice a bunch of us stayed for a glass of wine in Mari's after packing up the stall, it's was just so lovely(she also sells amazing cheese plates as pictured above...nom,nom!). There was a moment when I thought to myself with a chuckle 'this is my job', and I had a warm fuzzy feeling at how lucky I am.
Image courtesy of Kenart Corp

Hopefully more people will cotton on to the fact that it's a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, which in turn would mean that we could get more traders. At the moment it feels like the seeds to something pretty special.

This Sunday there is a record fair which will have over 30 vendors selling vintage vinyl, cds and music paraphernalia. My friends John cowpar and Doc who owned Blackspot Records at various stages are organising the event.  I'm really looking forward to it, I'll just have to restrain myself from spending too much money!

Thanks a million to my college buddy Ken from Kenart Corp for the super images!

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  1. Hi :)
    Loved reading this post, despite choking down my envy! I just saw that the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra will be playing a charity gig in Limerick on Sept 8th, and after reading this I'm hoping to visit limerick for the FIRST TIME for music on Sat and a visit to the Milk Market on Sunday...Thanks!, & keep up the great work!

    1. Definitely go see the BPLO, they are really great live(I'm not just saying that because they are good friends of mine I swear!)
      Pop into the market on the Sunday, it's a good place to find a hangover cure ;-)
      Make sure to pop over and say hi too

  2. Hi, I'm absolutely mad about your handmade cards "as Gaeilge". They're so far and few between so I was delighted to find yours at the Milk Market... They're fab. I also love your "how-tos". Please check out my personal fashion blog which is written "as Gaeilge" www.plhfaisean.blogspot.com :) Thanks.

    1. Thanks a million for popping by, I went over to your blog and was really impressed(although I did have to click translate-shame on me!)


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