2 Aug 2012

Blog Signature How-To(Kinda!)

After much to-ing and fro-ing over the past few months I'm eventually happy with the box at the end of my blog posts. It's gone through a few variations, and to be honest if I was on Wordpress it would have been as easy as a few clicks and a plugin. But sadly blogger is a bit more fiddly!!

Eventually I found some html code for making a box with some text on the inside of it(if you go to the link it's at the very bottom). It gave me the basics to start with then I did loads of editing on the code to make it the colour and dimensions that I wanted. I'm not very good at coding but I have a few scraps of knowledge in the recesses of my brain, but to be honest it makes my head hurt.

I had seen these boxes on Wordpress blogs and thought the looked lovely and was convinced that they would improve return traffic. I especially liked the ones with the pictures in them, so I made it my mission to figure out how to make one! Firstly I copy and pasted the code into a new blog post and went into the html view and then made the following changes
widened the bar to 680px
shortened the height to 80px
background colour to white
lowered the font to medium
font colour to black
(all this can be changed by reading the html carefully and changing the values accordingly)

Then things started to get a little tricky. I started with my basic sentence 'Thanks for stopping by my blog!....'You 'll see the highlighted area above listed as number two, place whatever text you like in here, I recommend typing the full sentence first then add your links afterwards. To get your Rss Feed just highlight 'rss feed' and click link enter what you see inside the quotation marks at number 3, but make sure to replace my url with your own before it says 'feeds/post/default'. To add links to your facebook/twitter just highlight and click link and put in the appropriate links when prompted. I also like to add target="_blank" after the link  and before the '>' bracket as this opens the page in a new tab.

The next tricky bit is the image.Firstly I uploaded my image to photobucket and copied the link. See the
I do apologise for not being able to post html that you can copy and past(I don't know how to do it!, when retyped it it came up as another image box), but if you retype exactly what I have in the image above, but just replace it with your own links you should get your own text box for your blog posts.

All you do to make sure this shows up on each of your blog posts is to copy the finished html go to 'settings', then 'posts and comments', and paste into 'post template'. If you can figure out my half baked code gibberish and you attempt this please let me know, also if you have any questions just leave them in the comments section and I'll try my best to help you out.

Good Luck!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
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