23 Aug 2012

Blog Worthy Nails

I watched this hilarious nail art video the other day and I decided I wanted to try my hand at some blog worthy nails too. If you don't already follow Love Elycia and The Dainty Squid head over to their blogs now, they are brilliant!!

I've been seeing more and more elaborate nails on Pinterest, and most of the time I think 'oh how pretty, but I don't have the time'. But I have noticed I've started lots more nail varnish than I used to, so I thought I try doing some posh ones. The tutorial above explains everything, while being pretty funny too. 

Here are my pretty spiffing results!! Unless I decide to have a movie night for myself where I have to do absolutely nothing I doubt this will become a regular thing, they took too darned long to dry. I think the trick might be to use a very good quality base colour so you only need one layer.

Unfortunately I chose a week that I'm doing lots of filling/painting/sanding, so they only had one day of glory before they turned to this mess!! 

Ps: I used normal sticker paper cut into strips instead of buying nail stencils, it worked perfectly. 

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  1. Well I might not get around to painting my nails...but I really enjoyed the video...very funny, thank you!

  2. Cute. I have to keep my nails short for wire wrapping. Wish I had nice long ones, sigh....

    1. I usually keep mine pretty short too, and they still look super cute painted especially in bright colours.


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