29 Aug 2012

Painting Limerick Craft and Design

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me and the craft co-op that I'm part of, we've been painting the shop space and all of the units. I'm a total novice when it comes to DIY, or rather I was until I got a crash course by being thrown into the deep end.

We are at the very end stage when just a few bits need an extra lick of paint, the floor needs clearing and darned good hoovering. It's been a great experience seeing this coming together so well, it's been such a long time at the planning stage I can't quite believe it's happening. I must say though that I had no idea how much hard work painting is!! I feel like I've been in the gym 24/7 with all the stretches and squats that I'm doing.

For anyone who is a new reader this 'project' I'm talking about is Limerick Craft & Design, a craft co-op made up of 35 different Limerick based crafters and designers. I've been heading the project for about 9 months trying to get everything organised, and we will be opening very shortly on Sarsfield St. For more info head over to the website and Facebook page.

Update: We are running a competition on the page at the moment where you can win a €100 voucher, just like Limerick Craft & Designs page and share this photo to gain an extra entry...easy peasy!

Ericka and John working hard!

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