30 Oct 2008

Do you Tip?

As some of you may already know I'm a part time waitress, I don't do this because I love it, but to make cash so that I can spend the rest of my time trying to start up my design business. When I started last year I totally underestimated how unbelievably hard it would be. It's lots of running up and down a very large restaurant while carrying needlessly heavey plates. All the while having an inside out knowledge of the menu, with a sunny pleasant disposition. As I said I don't love my job but I 'm good at it because being good makes life easier and less stressful for me and the customer.

When I first started the tips were pretty great, I saw it as a viable job to have for a while to save cash, but still not have to do a million hours a week. But I have a very big bone to pick at the moment. There is an ever increasing epidemic of a lack of tipping. Now I know Ireland doesn't have the same tipping culture as America, but really guys a 400 euro bill with no tip??! I'm not talking about tables that are unhappy. These are people who I have taken care of, who said they were very happy and had a great time. It happening more and more. I know the recession has a big part to play but, in my opinion, if you can afford to spend 400 quid, you can afford to tip. I understand the odd occasion people may not have change etc,etc. But I would really like to know what these people are thinking? What do you think about it, do you tip? Irish readers I'm especially interested.

And one more thing you probably didn't know, the government is now taking 13.5% tax off our service charge and credit card tips! So thanks a million to the big fat cats.

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