23 Oct 2008

What not to Forget

Well it's just after 4am and I'm having an unfortunate case of insomnia.After staying up late to insure I was extra tired,and read a fair bit of my book, I then proceeded to listen to my boyfriend snoring for over an hour. I've heard getting up and doing something is recommended in this case. So if I can't rest I'll blog.
In my cozy warm but restless bed I decided to compile a list of things I bring to the market every week. After a year of forgetting stuff this might be helpful to newbies who may be starting out at a market over Christmas.

1 Long foldable table(purchased in woodies DIY as a wallpapering table)
1 lime green oilcloth table cloth(easy wipe for those rainy days,stays looking new for ages)
3 perspex office table organisers(purchased in Easons,used for displaying cards)
1 Table easle(purchased in argos,used to display mirror)
1 Mirror
1 Kiddies blackboard easle(for displaying broaches)
1 folding deck chair(for my bum,the ones with cup holders are better for the essential morning coffee)
4 green lightweight tab curtains(used as a makeshift changing room)
lots of bungee chords(useful for transporting luggage and hanging display clothes and changing room)
4 folding clothes rails(purchased in argos)
lots of crocadile clips(used for hanging things)
1 large lamenated sign with logo etc
1 curtain rail(to keep lamenated sign straight and in place)
1 ball of twine(tying up sign and various and endless other things)
lots of safety pins(for putting on labels,attaching clothes to hangers)
lots of paper bags(for alll my millions of sales)
1 Scissors(handy in a boy scout kind of way)
1 roll of cellotape(attaching signs etc)
1 pack of tissues(for the inevitable runny nose)
1 bag of felt and thread(so I can be sewing samples while I wait for the sales to roll in,and it grabs peoples attention)
1 Bag of badges(to give away free as promotion)
lots of business cards( for those customers that are web phobic and want a ph number)
2 Suitcases full of clothes
1 bad of cards
1 float of money
10 extra euros to spend on water,coffee and food
1 notebook to record sales
1 pen
1 trolley to attach it all to
1 able bodied man with patience to help me walk to the market with all of the above

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