23 Oct 2008

Limerick Leader Article

Well it's out and on sale in local shops, the feature on yours truely. If you want to check it out just click here. It's also the weekend edition of the paper so it will be out all weekend. I'm really happy with it, Aine Fitzgerlald did a really nice job of it. The feature itself got the front page photo on 'Leader 2' suppliment, with the article on page 2. So thanks to Aine, and Gingergirl for prompting the idea to the Leader.


  1. Hi Ruth,

    That's a great piece in the leader, well done.


  2. Hey Ruth,

    Wow, that was pretty in-depth. I was expecting some kind of filler thing, where they didn't even talk to you properly, but that's great.

    Congrats again!


  3. saw that we read it last night in TC's :D congrats girl and you look fab in the photo :)

  4. Wow! How cool - congrats!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'll be signing autographs on Sunday,but get there early as I expect large queues.

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  7. Not a bad piece at all.

    I like your little bit on idealism and staying put at the end there, but found it a bit funny as i believe that you moved to Limerick instead of staying in Celbridge and making a go of it there.

    I guess its alright to move out of your hometown but not your adopted home ;-)

    Good thing too Limericks much better off having you in it.

  8. Very Funny Mark,and thanks. I get your point, but Celbridge is a bit of a black hole, people only seem to want brands and a semi-d,I never really fit in there.

  9. I getchya, home town blues and all that, just thought it kinda ironic and funny is all.

    Y'know, most of the article being about how you up sticks and come to Limerick and find a place there, and then to finish a minor berating for those who do the same but who choose to move from Limerick.

    Oh, you know me picky picky picky, but its a nice wee slip methinks as it kinda shows just how much youve really found your lil snug in dear ol dampy Limerick.

    You are also right about people with talent staying put and trying to get stuff off the ground in Limerick... and i think we both know that its happening to a certain extent.

    I wonder what effect the rumbling recession rumours will have on that?

    Do you think that it will galvanise people to stay and develop whats alreay here or actually spur a further exodus?

  10. Sadly I think it will promote a lot of fear, of taking risks for setting things up, and also in the buyers. I'm not sure if it will cause an exodus as it seems to be a global problem with all parties being generally fucked. I don't think we have the 'american grass is greener' attitude that we once had in the 80's.
    Although people do say that the arts and ingenuity thrive during recession time. Look at hollywood post war, or closer to home dublin pre celtic tiger.
    I think I have to stay positive or I would just give up altogether, which we both know would drive me barmy.

  11. Aye, but your half way to barmy and back anyways :-D


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