28 Oct 2008

Aural Assault

I was walking down the mainstreet in Limerick the other day and one of the department stores was pumping out special offer prices on loud speaker. This wasn't coming from the shop but actually piped out onto the street. Does anyone else find this a bit creepy in a 1984 kind of way. It's bad enough that advertising has permeated every part of our day to day, but now we are aurally assaulted while walking down the street. Am I being an old curmudgeon about this?


  1. I'm totally in agreement. This drives me mad. It's a completely hostile invasion of public space by advertising.

    Centra on William ST and Debenham's are the worst culprits. While knackered, grumpy and waiting for my bus most mornings I get full-on aural assault about Mars Bar/Coke Special offers. Just what I want/need at 8.00 am. Thanks lads...

  2. Ruth. My spam nazi program nuked your last comment (over on me blog)! Could you pop it (or something similar) on again so I can give you the all clear? Apologies.


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