13 Oct 2008

I had a good day at the office

Well my new tactics at the market really worked. I went from a small table of cards with two clothes rails, to four rails and a large table with a wide range of greetings cards. It's hard to get I rish people to cross over that invisible line and step into a stall and how a look around. Today the general public were feeling adventurous, stepped in and liked what they saw. So clap on the back for myself,yey. Hopefully next week goes as well.
I had a photo shoot on Saturday afternoon with my good friend Sharon, here are a couple of things I sold today. I haven't had a chance to process all my pictures yet, so my listing on etsy for my new garments are a little delayed. So if you're reading this Sharon you were great thanks a million!


  1. Delighted to hear that the stall is doing well. My new job has taken all my energy and I'm just about getting around to making a few christmas presents, so my feeble attempts at starting a stall have been put on hold!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooo, I love that second top. So cute! Glad to hear your stuff is selling so well.


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