21 Oct 2008

Well I've been doing lots of self-publicising as of late. Last week I did an interview with the Limerick leader, after which I got a phonecall saying they are going to run with my feature on the front cover of their style and culture section. It was very exciting to hear that, but it meant that they re-shot the pictures of me in my studio today. It all went fine, I'm not exactley the most relaxed person in front of a camera. I also was in touch with the Limerick Event Guide, and they will be running an ad for me, the '5 minutes' interview, and next month putting me in their top 5 buys. It's all very business like, and timely coming up to Christmas. It makes me feel a bit silly that I didn't organise these things sooner. Ah well live and learn.
I just wasnted to say thanks to Declan, first for answering all those probing questions for the feature I did, and also for all the extra traffic I've gotten from his blog.

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