12 Oct 2008

I've been tagged

So I was tagged today by this lovely person. Basically the idea is when you get tagged you list 7 or 8 random facts about yourself, and them you go on to tag a few other blogs etc.etc. I think it's cute so I'm gonna do it.

1.I've worked as a waitress, bar person, newsagent supervisor, pr agent for an airline, toilet attendant, glass collector, off licence, sales assistant, movie extra, free lance graphic designer....and maybe someday I'll be an astronaut.

2.I'm really messy,I think it was a mixture of having a complete neat freak of a mother, and then years living as a student. On top of that I lived with a flat mate for years who was really untidy, and he broke down any will in me to be tidy. But sometimes at 2am I start cleaning, I think it's my mother coming out in me.

3. I can't watch nature programmes on tv while I'm eating,it makes me want to vomit,and will completely turn me off a meal. My boyfriend likes to tease me and flick them on for a few seconds-he is cruel but I love him.

4. I'm ambidextrous. Not 100%, but enough to fool my art teacher in collge. Drawing is much easeri with either hand than writing. But lets say if I broke my left hand I wouldn't have too much trouble writing. I figure I have an advantage being a lefty, because I live in a left handed world it gives me lots of practice. Although I hate brushing my teeth with my right hand.

5. When I was young I wanted to grow up and be a kangaroo,I'm glad my goals in life have changed.

6.I'm allergic too:Lactose(milk,cheese,yogert,cream,ice-cream)

Any skin care products
Some brands of humous
Spermacide(don't ask!!)
White wine(my eyelid has swollen up)
Alcohol in general makes me sneezey and itchy,but I still drink
...and maybe the world....

7. People always think I'm American,when in fact I'm 100% Irish. My parents are from Dublin,and we lived there for a bit,then I moved to Celbridge in Kildare, and now Limerick, so I just have a general Irsh accent. But people always mistake it for an American, which drives me mental! No offense to any Yanks reading this, but people always say it the most patronising way, like I'm trying to fake it,or I want to be American. They finish off their scathing appropriation of my character with the sentance 'maybe you've been watching too much 'friends'', followed by a sneer. It's at this vital moment that the annoying person has no clue how near death they are cos I may just explode with anger and obliterate them in the blast. If this had happened to me a couple of times I woul think it silly, but it has regularly popped up in conversation for years. Also may I add that this is always said by someone who has the most awful mumbled Irish accent, so they can't understand why I don't also speak like I have a peg on my nose while chewing marbles....rant over.

8. I hate pancakes, the texture of them makes me gag. I've never met anyone else who doesn't like them.

Here are the people I'm going to tag...Declan, Marian, and Mom-o-Matic

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  1. Thanks for the tag! I'm going to try and do this by the end of the week.

    I understand random allergies. Ginger gives me a whopping headache.


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