29 Jan 2009

Buttons, buttons everywhere

I always seem to be buying buttons, me thinks I have a wee addiction to them(well there could be worse). Last night I decided to sort through my collection, and discovered I have stupid amounts of spare buttons that I will never use. So I've decided to stare selling off some in my etsy store. So if you are an addict like me, then go check them out. All proceeds will go to furthering my addiction :)

Ps:I'll be adding a few more listings when I get home from work.


  1. I think Etsy is a great place for you to sell the extras...so many wonderful craft people there who will make something really unique with them!

  2. ooo awesome! I love buttons too, I use em' in my jewelry though so lookin for shanks.

    Also love Irish based Etsy sellers. ;)

  3. I'm really glad I posted them as I've already sold some, yey, here's to more sales.


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