23 Jan 2009

Material Goods

I arrived safely in the land of THE PALE, and I had a wonderful time yesterday, wandering about Dublin, looking at pretty things in shops, drinking lots of coffee, and generally just arsing about the place. The gig was a bit of a mixed bag. The support band In the Country were truely fantastic, with one of the most talented and inventive drummers I've ever seen. They were a mostly intrumental trio, with music full of tinkling sounds, inventive purcussion and emotive swells of melody. The main act Susanna (who was playing with members of In The Country) was a little disapointing. I don't really know her music but I found it a little hallow, she had all the right ingredients-great voice, good music, kinda quirky, but for me it just didn't gell together right. All in all I'm glad that I discovered a great new act, and at 20 euro it didn't hurt the purse too much.
Another part of my trip to Dublin was to buy supplies in the Woolen Mills, it's the best place in I reland to buy thread,trimmings and thread and they are very reasonably priced. So I was like a kid in candy store after a famine. I arrived at the till with an overflowing basket, and the very lovely and patient lady spent nearly a half an hlour with me measuring out all the triimings. I got tonnes of stuff and I can wait to get home and put it all to good use. I'll take some photos when I get back home to limerick so that you can drool and feel very jealous.
Another highlight from yesterday was finding the pub Grogans, officially now my new favorite place, I have no idea how i hadn't heard of the place before but it's fantastic. It's a kind of a dindgy old man bar, with loads of paintings on the walls, lots of add charaters about the place, and the finest Guinness I've tasted in THE PALE.

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