9 Jan 2009

Some rest & The Wire

I've been officially ordered to rest by my doctor. I hurt my foot recently and it's being very stubbourn and won't heal. When she asked me if I had been particularly stressed or over worked and I answered that I was working 70/80 hours a week, I got a raised eyebrow and strict orders to take it easy.So no waitressing, no sewing, but I found it too hard to stay away from the computer. So I posted some stuff on Etsy. I've also been watching isane amounts of The Wire. I had heard great things about it so I bought the 5 season box set for my boyfriends Christmas presents, and it's really just a bonus that I wanted it too! I'm already into Season 3, and I don't want it to ever end, it's written so fantastically, and for once a tv show that doesn't assume I have remedial intelligence. It also helps that I'm more than a little in love with the main character McNulty, a consumate bayboy but very beautiful.

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