27 Jan 2009

Do you read blogs? Do you write blogs?

An old school friend is doing some major research into Irish blogging for her postgrad. She has a fully confidential survey that she would like people to fill out, and there is even a chance of winning a 50 euro voucher as a thanks for taking the 10 mins to fill it out. I did it, and it's easy and quick. I'm quite facinated to read the results actually. So if you're interested check her out here.


  1. Thanks for linking to this Ruth, really appreciate it. Hope business is good :)

  2. hi Ruth,

    Hope you're feeling better and taking things handy. You were missed at yesterdays Farmers Market in UL.

  3. Magatha-May
    As far as I know they are not having craft for the next while, but when they do hopefully I can go out there, it's a lovely place to sell.


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