21 Jan 2009

Dublin excursion

Well I'm off to belle Dublin tomorrow morning. My primary reason is to surprise a friend of mine for her birthday, knowing my luck she will decide to start reading this blog and the whole surprise will be ruined! I'm going up on the train with a bunch of friends of mine and we're heading to see Susannna and the Magic Orchestra, I don't really know her stuff but gigs are always fun. I'm also going to be delivering some clothes of mine to FashionFilosofy blog and the will be be doing a photoshoot with the above clothes( which I must say is pretty exciting). My other port of call will be Shebeen Chic, a restaurant that has a swap shop on Saturday afternoons. Anyone who saw the nationwide show I was on would have seen their feature too. I'm really looking forward to seeing their shop as it seems like my kind of thang. The only disappointing thing is that they seem to have a non-existant online presense, which is a bit behind the times for any new business of that sort.

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