6 Jan 2009

Thanks for my 15 mins of fame

Wow I'm really bowled over by the response. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments, and hello and welcome to all the new readers that I got today. I should try to be on telle more often! I just wanted to post a this and say I'm going to bed a happy woman tonight!...Thanks everyone!!
Also here is a link to where you can view it on the RTE website, although hopefully I'll be able to stream the video onto this blog soon.


  1. Blast from the Past or what ... I saw you yesterday on RTE and the name rang a bell so I looked you up on the NET. Mental or what ... cant believe your in the fashion industry I always wanted to do something simular but ended up in the Print game. Anyhow just thought Id say hi and wish you well for the future, rock on misses! Your long lost cuz Carolyn ....

  2. Well a big congrats to you, and I'll say this is a great way to start off the new year!! Yay!

  3. It wont play for me... damn you RTE website :-(syinvis

  4. Hey Carolyn, what a surprise! It's a small world.Thanks for all the well wishes, and I hope everything is well with you and the family :)

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