26 Jan 2009

I'm in LOVE

Yey I'm back to Limerick! As promised,I have photos of my wonderful bounty. I spent a whopping 235 euro in the Woolen Mills on ribbon,thread buttons and trimmings, but they are essential supplies that will keep me going(and inspired) for a good while. Here are a few snapshots of my goodies.

I also went to Shebeen Chic on Georges St, it's a bar and restaurant that has all recycled and reclaimed furniture(and everything is for sale/swap). On Saturday afternoons you can bring in bags of clothes, shoes,accessories and trade them in.I love this idea! Because I get lots of donations of clothes from people I am often left with lots of clothing, that for various reasons, I can't use. So I brought a bag of these extras to the shop. I wasn't expecting to get that much in return, but shockingly I came out with my bag full of wonderful finds. Here are a few examples but I got loads more. The black coat is even a Ben Sherman, even better is that if I had nothing to swap I could have bought it for 1 euro!! I will definitely be making more trips to Dublin to get supplies.

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