16 May 2009

Am I a Complete Old Lady?

I have discovered a new joy...audiobooks!! I know that sounds a little batty but they are really great to listen to when I'm doing hours of hand sewing. I found myself watching lots of films when I had sewing to do, but I mostly ended up missing most of it because I wasn't looking at the screen. I came up with the idea of getting audiobooks ages ago, but me being the eternal procrastinator I didn't do anything about it. Yesterday I tried to download some but I was very confused and frustrated by odd things like bit torrent and seeding (does anyone know what they mean cos I don't!). So instead I tottered down to the Library signed up to a new membership, and strolled over t the audiobook section. I was a bit appallled at the old ladyness of their selection, lots of Patricia Scanlan, and Daniel Steele, but there were a few gems in the rough. Also after a bashful enquiry I found where they had the Harry Potters were hidden(doh, in the kids section). So for free I scooted home with the first 3 Harry Potter books, a Terry Pratchett, E.M.Foster's A Room With A View (one of my favorite books), and Bridget Jone's Diary (which I've never bothered reading but I'll quite happily listen to it). What a wonderful idea, the library, I'm in love all over again, it brought me back to my preteen days when I couldn't afford books and I was always in the there with my mother.
Yesterday I got through The Philosophers Stone, I had a huge amount of sewing to do and plenty more still yet to do today so I'm sure I'll hear all of the second book today....oh the excitement. As you may have guessed I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fan, I've read all the books, watched the movies multiple times, but listening to Stephen Fry narrating them is really wonderful.

So am I a complete old lady by listening to audiobooks or does anyone else do it?


  1. nope! not an old lady at all! i have some audio books...agatha christies (poirot of course) i listen to those a bit!

  2. I haven't listened to an audiobook since I was a child but I've been considering buying some for use on my PC whilst I write... though that may be confusing.

  3. Yeah Dec typing and listening at the same time are beyond my capabilities. But for when you are finished all your studies it's a lovely thing to have on the radio as a way of relaxing, all the joy of reading without the tired eyes.

    Bex, I was a little tempted by the Agatha Christy section, maybe later when I've gotten through all the Potters

  4. ok, so a torrent is basically a pointer to a file held online. Using a BitTorrent client, you can not only connect to this file to download it (which is slow), but connect to other people who are downloading it and download bits off them as well. When you download small bits off loads of people at once, it speeds up.

    Seeding is when you've finished downloading the file, but you stay connected so that people can keep downloading it from you. Normally it's reccommended that you seed until you have a 1:1 ratio (i.e. You have uploaded as much information as you downloaded) But you don't have to.

    I used to love the Pratchett Audio books when I was younger, I think my favourite was pyramids.

  5. i love audiobook too....
    sometime i listen them before go to bed... i am Italian but i listen in English so i hope to improve it a little bit!


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