15 May 2009

I've been Tagged

Thanks to the lovely Balanced for tagging me, she makes the most beautiful Jewellery, and I'm insanely jealous of her photography skills.
(Note:I decided to do the slightly longer list I've seen knocking about blogs this week, rather than the shortened one that balanced has)

Seven things I like:

Sweet things(I'm a complete sugaraholic)
A good bargain
Going for a good meal with friends
My house
Making things

Seven things I did yesterday:

Worked on a Blue coat for a customer
Got distracted by my bold friend John and went for coffee
Got completely soaked to the bone
Went to the pub to dry out(it has a lovely turf fire)
Drank lots of Guinness
Tasted vinegar with gravy and chips for the first time
Was woken up in the wee hours by a party that landed in my house

Seven things I wish I could do:

Win money, not neccessarily the lotto but a sizeable amount
Live of my buiness and not have to waitress
Click my fingers and magically all my work would be done
Buy my house

Seven things I don’t like:

Getting up early
Rude people(more specifically customers)
That I'm a procrastinator
The dentist(not a a person, she was lovely, but going to the dentist)
Hearing bad news about a loved ones
Not being able to do anything about it

I'm tagging:

Made Marian
The Biologista
Declan Shalvey
Red Lemonade

1 comment:

  1. lol, skills. Thank you dear. :) I love your photos, bright and crisp.

    I hadn't seen this long list.
    It was pissin' yesterday wasn't it? Glad you were able to dry out with a nice fire and drinky poo.


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