9 May 2009

Star Trekin'

I have an admission to make...I'm a big Trekie, not the custume wearing, Klingon speaking type, but still a fairly big fan. Ever since I was a kid I was completely addicted to Next Generation, I am that person that Sky One was playing all those re-runs for. So it's no surprise to you then that I went to see Star Trek last night, and I loved it. There are obviously moments that you have to suspend belief but that's the whole point. I thought the characterisation was great, and it was really entertaining, a good balance of plot, action and special effects. John grumbled and moaned about having to go see it, and balked at the idea that I might wear my Star Trek t-shirt. To anyone that's a trekie, go see it, to anyone who is not it's a really good action flick. I must say I'm very tempted to buy the box set in HMV of all the original Star Trek Movies...would that be too nerdy??


  1. Of course that wouldn't be too nerdy!
    Yesterday i got all of Season 7 of DS9 before going to see the new movie.
    Loved it by the way. Couple of things i had a problem with, but overall it was a really, really enjoyable movie for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.

  2. i work at a cinema but havn't had a chance to see it yet!! im interested to see spock...hope he is not too much like sillar from heros!! i dont think it would be nerdy at all...your talking to a person who has a crush on david suchet as poirot...im longing for the box set!!

  3. Bex that's a hell of a strange crush...thanks for sharing!! I thougth I was weird with my longstanding love of Hugh Fernley Wittingstall.
    I'm also tempted to buy all of Next Gen on DVD, someday when I'm feeling rich.
    Dec I don't think you believe in the concept of TOO NERDY.


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