8 May 2009

Recessionista Brownie Points

I was sitting down the other night watching the fantastic Brideshead Revisited, and I got the urge to trim my hair. 'An inch, two max' I was thinkng. No folks I did not do the sensible thing and go into the bathroom where there is a mirror, instead I curled up on the sofa with Jeremy Irons and a scissors. In the end I took off about 5 inches and layered my hair. I'm really shocked at how well it looks. My hair is wavey so I get away with the fact that it's uneven. My recessionista brownie points have just gone up another notch me thinks.


  1. Thats fantastic I did the same thing two nights ago, walking a foot taller. Gave myself hot auburn hair and a thick fringe. None of my mates could believe I've haven't set foot in a hairdressers in over a year... recession rocks

  2. Hurrah another Bridie Fan! Jeremy Irons is possibly the yummiest thing on the screen ever.

    Sorry not very articulate, still drooling.

    Good for your re: fringin'. I do that sometimes but inevitably I end up looking like Lego-Head.


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