7 May 2009

Riverfest Photos

At last I have the photos of my stall at Riverfest. I had a double stall this year with my friend Orla Redican. She make the jewellery and crazy cool rainmacs(she also sells yummy baked goods but not on the days I took these pictures). Funny thing to note, see the green curatin...well that's my changing room. My genius boyfriend thought of using a hoola hoop and curtains, it works like a charm and has contributed to lots of sales.


  1. I love that button jacket. I spotted it a the Bedford Row market a little while ago and fell in lust with it, but it looks a little small to fit me. 'sigh'

  2. That's why I do custom orders! I would be pretty hard to find that exact jacket again, but a) you could get something you own already customised with lots of buttons b) keep an eye in the shops for something similar(which would be pretty easy as the shops are filled with neon at the mo) and I'll customise it for you or c) I'll try to find a jacket for you and buttonise it

  3. really? YEA! It was the button's I loved the most, and I know a fitted blazer would suit my figure way better. I'll go on a hunt for something wonderful and I'll get back to you! YEA! thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. happy to help! I'm getting more and more of that kind of work lately

  5. i like the button jacket too! i have a similar one i did myself. your on looks soo lovely and bright. changing room looks genius


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