26 May 2009

Had a break, had a kitkat

As some of you may have noticed I took a little break. I realised working 7 days a week wasn't really that healthy, so some part of my brain decided to switch off. It was lovely, I did normal things like play poker(which I lost in grand 'All in' style), went to the pub, and a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine. We will also be heading away this weekend to Doolin, a gang of us have booked a house to celebrate my friends 30th, should be good craic. All in all I'm feeling really good, and normal, and not like my usual workaholic self. I have been tipping away on a few bitsfor the shop in Ennis, but I haven't been doing crazy 15 hour days.
I got some exciting news that may alleviate my mad workload. A lovely graduate of the art college popped down to the market and offered to help me out one or two days a week, for free to get some experience!! What great news! I'm meeting her today for a coffee to figure it all out. Many an hour I have spent wishing for a magical little elf to come along and help me sew in buttons. Fingers crossed it all works out.
Update: The meeting went really well, and Una has agreed to be my apprentice, woohoo. Starting next week I have a magical elf helping me 1/2 days a week. Sweet!

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