6 May 2009

Riverfest Market

I'm back to reality after 4 days of markets. It was lots of work and fun all jumbled up together, and luckily the gods smiled upon us and we got fantastic weather albeit a little windy. Limerick was thronged with people, most were browsing and soaking up the atmosphere but thankfully there were still a few punters parting with their cash. I'll count myself among the shopping hungry as I spent a few of my hard earned euros at neighbouring stalls. I got two pashminas for only 10 euro, and I'm a huge scarf fan so I'm delighted with that. I bought a lovely wooden mobile from one of the Irish stalls for a co-worker who just had a baby. Lastly the stall next to me had beautiful woolen scarves cardis and some jewellery, so I got myself a fantastic pair of earrings(which I sadly lost on the way to the shop yesterday), and a fabulous cardi that is a really unusual shape, as it sits quite strangely on the shoulders but that's what gives it the wow factor.
I must say that the Irish stalls really raised the bar this year and and competed very well with our French neighbours.I know my own stall this year was a vast improvement on my two rails of clothes last year. It was amazing the amount of people who recognised me from the nationwide piece, an hopefully I got myself a few extra regular customers. I handed out about 300 business cards with badges attached, and told about a million people about the Sunday market on Bedford Row. By the end of Monday I felt like a mix betwween a parrot and a worn out pack mule ( we don't have a car so we transport all the stock on foot). Verdict: I'm exhausted but happy.


  1. yay! well done! im glad that it went well for you. by the end of the last craft fair i did and organised i was fed up of saying the same thing...although it was great to have all the interest that the craft fair recieved

  2. Thanks Bex, I think I'm starting to feel human now... and it's Thursday!


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