13 May 2010

A Creative Blank

I drawing a bit of a blank. I've spent months now working on my crafts and etsy shop, and barely making any clothes at all. Last year I put months of work into my collection, but sales were slow, so there was no need to continue making them. I shifted my attention away from them and followed where the money was-crafts and buttons. As you have probably gathered from reading this blog I do a million different things, from accessories, fashion, graphic design and techy things like this blog. It means things never get boring, but the down side is that sometimes I lack focus. Well things have started going really well in the shop down in Kilkenny and I have an order to do...and do you think I can muster up any ideas...no!! It's tumbled weed in my brain at the moment. So I'm gonna potter up to the studio now, stick on my audiobook, and play with some fabrics...hopefully that will start the creative juices flowing again.

Wish me luck!!


  1. I love your collection. You've inspired me foresure. Wanting you to know I may not of bought from You, for lack of $$, but am turning my friends on to your site, and hoping they do.
    Keep on with your keeping on ~ I appreciate your work.
    Maybe a nature walk, a tight poneytail and some extra coffee will stir some ideas up.
    Love from Chicago,
    Linda Brannigan

  2. You're so talented that no doubt you'll come up with the goods!

  3. Yep you'll get your groove back right away - in fact I'll bet you already have by the time I've posted this! :P


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