12 May 2010

Market Stall Pics

I have returned to the blogosphere! After my little break I had a wee relapse with a nasty cold followed by a very busy weekend, after one week away it feels like I've been gone for a month. The busyness at the weekend was due in part to a craft class that I taught as part of the Spiritstore Cat Dig event. I wrote a full post about it all on the team blog, scoot over here if you wanna take a look at what I was up to.

I've also been back at the market about a month now so I thought I would show you guys some pictures of my stall. I've mostly focused on selling the accesssories and sewing supplies. So I went for a really bright and colourful display, with two large cork boards displaying all my pieces. I also got these really bright containers in the Euro store and they are great for selling the mixed bags of buttons. Next week I really want to bring down my snazzy card stand, but the transport of it is a bit cumbersome (check out this old post to see the crazy contraption we use to get it to the market). Also do you like my new banner? I used to have a long printed laminated one but I thought I would make this sweet sewn one, I think it looks far more crafty.


  1. Your displays look so colorful, you've got so much stuff!!

  2. Thanks Ruby!! Yep I've found the more things I have to choose from the more I sell....that's the idea anyhow


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