27 May 2010

Cinematic Treasure

I just made this vintage cinema themed treassury on Etsy. I was surprised at how tough it was to find images to suit the theme. I had a certain palette in mind and I wanted to keep it consistant, it took ages to put together but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Also last week I made farmville themed treasury as a not to my adddiction to the silly online game. It was lots of fun looking at all the brightly coloured toys. My problem with this one was that there was too much to choose from. Word of warning, if you ever get one of those farmville invitations, ignore it!! It is designed to get you hooked, stay away!Cinema Treasury

My Drama Queen handmade card was also featured in these treasuries recently. It's fun to see the different things it's been paired with. Please click the links and make a comment to help these treasuries get hot! I'd really love to see one of my collections make it to front page. The treasury section is great for appeasing the inner currator in me and it would be a nice slap on the back to see that acknowledged....I'll live in hope. It's also far more satisfying to have a permenant collection of treasuries rather than putting in all that time only for them to disappear after 3 days (like they used to).

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  1. Very nice stuff here - I love putting similar things together and it's nice to see how you managed that here - well done!


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