22 May 2010

Do you Love Limerick?

As lots of you may already know who are from outside Ireland, the lovely city of Limerick has a pretty bad reputation. Some bad stuff has happened here like any other city, but it was completely over blown by the media, cos bad news sells papers. All the positive cultural thing were ignored for years by the general media, and the city has suffered through lack of tourism. A good friend of mine Richard Lynch decided that to battle this problem in the only way he knew how, with positive action. Himself and a few other proactive folk in Limerick set up the website ILoveLimerick.com, to document all the amazing things happening here. It's an online tv station packed with interviews and footage of the city.
It's so great to see people facing a promblem and instead of gripeing about it down the pub, they gotten up and done something for themselves. I love the range of different topics that they cover from break dancing, theatre, sport, festivals, comedy and art. I've talked to Richard about maybe getting my own spot on it too, which would be lots of fun and great exposure too.

Note: If you watch the first video you'll see my very handsome boyfriend John Elliott talking about the history of Limerick.


  1. That's really interesting- the video. I guess Limerick is a bit like Sligo, one tends to drive through on the way to somewhere else unless you have cause to actually have it as a destination. I love the Castles and social history of Ireland, bit of a hobby (obsession, according to my children, who have been dragged round a LOT of them!)

  2. it's a fantastic city for History, there is so much to see, but you're right most people bypass it, which is a real shame.

  3. 'ilovelimerick' is great! ;)


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