17 May 2010

Front Page Feature

I was away this weekend at a hen night celebration in Galway. So while I was shakin my thang on the dance floor I was featured on front pae on Etsy, yey! This is only my second time being featured so I still get a kick out of it. This time it led to two sales, so I was delighted. It's nice to be 'working' while having a mad laugh on my holidays. Sorry I can't get a link to the actual treasury, craftcult no longer give links, instead they have their own gallery view, very annoying as I would love to leave a comment saying thanks.
Sadly I partied a little too hard, and got very enthusiastic while dancing, and slipped and feel, twisting my ankle very badly. I ended up sitting on the stairs holding ice to my foot while medicating myself with beer. I haven't been able to walk since....another few days of rest and recovery should do the trick though.

1 comment:

  1. oh your poor ankle! hope you feel better soon Ruth


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