18 May 2010

Treasury Features

I'm totally feeling the love this week from fellow Etsy sellers! I've been featured in 3 treasuries, how cool is that??! So in an effort to give back some of that goodness I just made my own treasury. Mine is a pink themed pincushion collection, I included some oddities with some funky food creations. One of my favourites is the pink ovaries pincushion....brilliantly funny!

Thanks to Ooakie for inclding my pocket mirror in her team treasury.
Thanks to CherryBlossomTattoo for including my ladybird buttons in her garden themed treasury.
Thanks to Zuzusworld for including my blue duffle buttons in her eye catching yellow and blue treasury.

Please click and comment to make these treasuries HOT!!

1 comment:

  1. Those are pretty Treasuries, and congrats to you for being included. Your pink Treasury is very cheerful too! Why don't you make a cow Treasury since you seem to be suffering a cattle overload?????


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