23 May 2010

Ponder Ponder???

Mmmmm....decisions decisions! I've just been researching a button press machine, which would enable me to make my own pocket mirrors instead of designing them and getting them made in the US. The press also make keyrings, badges,bottle openers and magnets. This would also mean that I would be able to offer the service of making custom made ones, or letting people design their own. It's a fantastic opportuniy and I don't think there is much competition for it in Ireland. People are always asking me where I get them and I makes great business sense to make them myself. But it's a large investment at the start, I'd need to ship two small machines from America. Decsions decisions!!! I'd say I'll go for it, but I just need to get saving.

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  1. Hi Ruth! Just taking a look at your blog, and found this post. I have a badge machine myself - it's actually paid for itself at this stage because I've made plenty of batches of custom badges for bands and friends, and businesses too, and I sell individual ones at the Crafty Market. It's one machine, and I have 2 moulds so I can make 58mm badges & pocket mirrors & bottle openers, and 25mm badges & magnets. I am able to make metallic-looking badges too, and fabric covered pocket mirrors & badges with the machine, so it's great to have it. I got it from a company in the UK through ebay but I reorder components from them all the time and they are quite good. It's blankbadge.co.uk, and I saw they have just redesigned their machine, but it works on the same principle as the one I have in that you have one machine and you just buy different dies to do different sized badges. They also have a site blankplastic.co.uk where I buy my brooch pins - they do phone charm cords and all sorts of things. And if you order from both sites (badge components + brooch pins) they will put them together and you save on shipping! Give me a shout if you want to ask me anything about my machine :)


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