6 Apr 2011

Handmade Stickers

Recently I was having a wander around the 2EuroStore recently when I stumbled upon these pretty cool sticker packs. Basically they are glossy sheets you can use in your printer, then cut out the shape, et voila you have stickers. At long last a decent way of getting interesting stickers without having top pay a fortune for them.

You get 10 sheets for €2 and I fit about 10 designs on each sheet, which is 100 stickers! I printed the first few at home but saw that it was quickly eating up my ink. I then took a stroll down to my local printers where he printed the 10 sheets for €3, which is fantastic value. I may not work out being a huge amount cheaper than buying stickers, but it's more the flexibility of design that I'm interested in. For example I was able to make mothers day stickers for my cards after I wasn't able to find any in my local craft shop.

I was thinking it might be worth making up some designs and selling the stickers on Etsy for other people wanting to make cards. It wouldn't be a huge amount of work to do the designs but I think it would be quite a unique thing to sell. Yet again I have another idea that I'm totally distracted by, in my head right now I can hear Johns voice telling me to focus my business on a few things. But where is the fun in that???


  1. I love your ingenuity Ruth :)

  2. Thanks Mags. I'm letting my brain tick over for a while on sticker designs, I'll make them one of these rainy days


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