5 Apr 2011

Polka Dot Ribbon Supplies

Sometimes impulse shopping can be really great, last week I was browsing through the new 'activity feed' feature feature on etsy that shows all the items and shops that people in my 'circle' have recently liked. It was there there that I spotted these ribbons at a crazy reasonable price of 5 yards of polka dot grossgrain for less than a euro in the clearance section!!I then discovered that Kinderklipz has a good secondary shipping price, so I loaded up my shopping cart and bought all this booty for about €20, remember that all of these bundles are 5 yard lengths of ribbon. Lately I've been using my more expensive satin ribbon on my handmade cards, which is a total waste as they are pretty pricey. So it was really good to find such a cheap source of super cute ribbon, perfect for the card I'll be making over the next while!

I'll definitely be back for more, especially since her shipping was lightning fast too!

On a complete side note, I've a lovely hour singing along to Gemma Hayes (night on my side)while cleaning my house. I'm not a good singer by anyones standards but I love singing really loud while nobody is home.

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