13 Apr 2011

New Finger Pincushions

For ages people have been asking me would I list my finger pincushions in my etsy shop. I eventually got around to making a new batch of them this week and I decided to hold some back from the stall and list them on etsy and see how they do there. I used to have the same stock at my stall that I have online but that started to get too complicated as my two shops grew. So now I have an 'etsy box' where I keep all my one off pieces like needle books, boxes, brooches and now pincushions. This also avoids going through the whole process of photographing and listing something, then to sell it 2 days later at the market(great to get the sale, but a pain to do the listing all over again).

The pincushions are really popular at the market, as i think most people have never seen anything like them before. I use a plain bottle cap for the base and then I sew the cupcake top for it. It's a surprisingly time consuming process for something so small. I know I would make simpler ones with would take half the time but they wouldn't be as cute I think, it's the buttons, ribbon and 'icing' that makes them nice. These finger pincushions are for when you are sewing/pining on the go, like working on alterations or a mannequin. They have an elasticated ring so they are comfortable to wear for all sizes. They are €10 each and they come with a free set of rainbow pins too.

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