7 Apr 2011

Some Lost Art

My friends Branden and Mary-Rose were being filmed the other day in their house for Nationwide, which is really exciting. I called over to their house to help with the finishing touches and to make it look 'tv beautiful'. They asked if they could borrow some art to fill their blank walls, which meant that I went digging through my portfolio of goodies.
It was only then that I found these great prints and illustrations that I bought a few years ago when I was on holiday in Edinburgh. It seems like I put them 'somewhere safe' and then totally forgot about them. I must get some little frames for them and add them to my growing collection.

Ps: I'll let you know when the guys nationwide episode is being aired so you can see how great they are!


  1. oh my god - those bird prints are so cute. I can't believe you forgot you had them

  2. I know! I'm a total disaster, I do the same with crafting supplies...you'd think I was rich or something,but I'm far from it


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