15 Apr 2011

Hotty But Notty: Whittingstall

I'm gonna continue my homage to off kilter attractive men that I started last week, for no other reason than I think they deserve to drooled over a bit, even if it's only by a select few. This week is kind of a strange one, I first fell in love with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as a teenager when I first started watching Cook on the Wild Side on Channel.4. I do admit that he was much more attractive then, than his present incarnation but I still think he is rather lovely. He went on to make the much better known show River Cottage, and also has made prominent protest documentaries about battery chicken, and the fishing industry.

I think it's the charming bumbling mixture of Eton education, floppy hair, geeky glasses, and a never ending passion for what he is good at. I can definitely see the he is very hobbit-ish, but how bad is that really, it just means he loves all the good things in life, food, nature, beer and relaxing. I'm definitely more interested in men who have something to say for themselves, are excited and enlivened by the things that they do rather than relying on having a pretty face/body.

If you are looking more a more regular hotty selection head on over to Magatha-May's blog, as she has *lovely*   feature every Friday.


  1. I totally agree with you Ruth. You cant beat a bit of off kilter!!! A decent well lived man is far more interesting than any of these air brushed artificial looking fellas that are currently feted in the media.

  2. I love the title! Can we get these posts on a regular basis? Thanks for the shout out too hon.

  3. Mags & Ruby-yeah I love the name too, I think I will stay with it, I'll let you all know how nuts I am over the next few weeks!

    Aisling-exactly! I don't really understand the fascination with appearance and no substance/talent or passion...it's a real turn off

  4. how about john kelly on the view? off kilter , almost wolf like but strangely attractive ?


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