8 Apr 2011

Hotty But Notty: Gary Sinise

My friend Mags runs a 'Pretty Boy Friday' every week which is always nice for a good drool. I know Gary Sinise is not exactly the most beautiful man in the world, but I have strange taste and I think off kilter hotties deserve a bit of air time too. I was watching The Stand this week and was surprised at how attractive he was in it....in that 'not over the top but attractive but looks like he could start a campfire and fix your tire' kind of way. Know what I mean? Real man attractive...please someone agree with me so I don't think I'm weird.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Ruth! I think he has some rugged charm alright, not too sure about the long hair phase though :P I reckon it's high time we had manly men in our lives, maybe a 'Manly Men Mondays'?

  2. I still love guys with long hair so I had to include this picture!
    Manly man Mondays sounds really good!! I was thinking of a series of geeky/alternative hotties...
    Weirdly Hot Wednesdays?

  3. Come on ladies, this is one nice piece of man flesh!! Talented, and capable, even when he plays a nasty charactor he still can't help but be attractive. Who needs pretty boys!! give me a man any day of the week!!

  4. How did I miss this for 5 months!!! Gary Sinise is one of my faves!!! Talented AND very good looking!! Nothing weird about it my friend!!!


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