23 Apr 2011

Let's Go Ride a Bike

1. VasilikiGoesHome-Let Me Ride - Jotter Notepad Notebook - No.1

2. AuraofLaura-BICYCLES vintage on French postcard, set of 4 Italian STONE coasters

3. AgaTigran-Lolita - 8x8 Fine Art Photography Print

4. LineDraw-H.G. Wells quote, 8x8 print

I've been really into bikes as of late. I've started using an exercise bike lately(which is really ugly and no way near as pretty as these bikes above), and I recently heard about the Garda  Lost and Found Shop, where you can pick up a bike for €20. So I'm thinking of buying one. I know it's only the long Summer evenings that are fooling me into thinking getting a bike would be great, whereas the reality is crazy city cycling and rainy Limerick days.

I'm also working on some bike badge designs which I'll have made for later in the week.

On a total side note, some wedding invitations that my lovely John did an illustration for were featured on a blog this week. Head on over and leave nice comments if you have a few minutes.


  1. Woah, get yerself a bike!

    Honestly, since I am back on my steel horse, I have not only got really fit, but also saved so much money on bus fares!

    Yes, the rain is a pain, but actually, this being Ireland, you just have to keep an eye on the breaks in the rain and then quickly cycle to where you want to go! And there is some very cool rain gear out there, too!

    I so love my bike!

  2. Nice Blog! Check out our new bike company


    we are selling vintage style italian folding bikes, they might just be your cup of tea...

    and we'll ship it to limerick for free!


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