18 Nov 2011

Christmas Badge Designs

I did a blitz on my Christmas badge designs, to get them made an listed in time for (hopeful) international orders on Etsy. In the end I went with 4 different sets, with each set containing 8 badges for €10. I used the designs I made for my Halloween badges and tweaked the colours and changed to spooky phrases to festive ones now the set looks retro and cheery. I got a really nice compliment from a friend who saw the Halloween ones, she said they looked like the packaging from Harry Potter(which I love!).

I then knuckled down to making an ugly jumper set. I did a pen drawing of a sweater, then scanned it in making 8 different coloured versions in photoshop. I did some quick festive doodles to put on the front of each of the jumpers too. If people are not quite courageous enough to brave the novelty sweater fad then maybe these badges would be a good replacement.

I also designed some cheery bright badges using a red candy and spearmint pallete, I love the contrast of the warm red against the cool fresh blue.

Lastly I did up some cheeky funny badges which would be ideal for an office party. Christmas is the season to party after all, and I do know from my single days that it's a time to do bold and naughty things that you would never be brave enough for at any other time of the year!


  1. I love these badges, especially the ugly jumper ones. But I have bad news for you: they are not ugly at all, they're lovely indeed :)


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