10 Nov 2011

Handmade Felt Christmas Tree Lights

Yesterday I was working on some more felt Christmas decorations. I finished my Christmas trees, and I made some mittens which I'll show you next week. I also tried my hand at making a tree garland. I had seen felt light decorations before but it made far more sense to put them on a ribbon, just like a string of lights.

There are 10 rainbow 'lights' on a string, each piece is hand stitched. I then used white felt and machine stitched black thread on the tops of all of them to make the bit that the bulbs screw into. I've priced them at €25, which ain't bad at €2.50 per light! They also come in this box, which means they will stay safe and dust free in the attic while you are not using them.

I'm not sure how many of these sets I'll make,I've made 5,well not totally finished,but I've got the back broken in them. If there is a demand for them I'll made more. My time is really limited at this point in the year and I don't want to waste it making things that won't sell.


  1. Can I reserve a set of these and pick them up off you on Saturday morning at the market? I really love them!



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