21 Nov 2011

Shopping Around; I Just Saved a Small Fortune

I use these little terracotta pots to make cupcake style pincushions. I started making them a few months ago, but I had no idea how well they would sell so I only bought 15 pots. Little did I know they would sell out really quickly of them in the craft shop, or that they would not be able to order more for moths(if ever again). Lots of people were asking for them at the stall so I made it my mission to hunt down a new supplier of mini pots. I eventually found a website in the UK that would £25 for 50 pots plus £25 shipping, plus tax, which was making them pretty expensive, bear in mind that it's pounds we're talking about, which makes them even more spendy. I was in two minds whether to order them, but I has resolved to make the investment on Monday morning. 

Low and behold I popped into Silkes on Catherine Street and they had a box of them sitting on the counter. You should have seen my giddy little face light up! Not only did they have loads of them, but they were cheaper than online. In the end I got 48 pots for €15, which is an amazing difference to the other crowd a saving of at least €40! I had the satisfaction of supporting local and more money in my wallet. It just goes to show that you should shop around, and not everything is cheaper online. 

Since I got so many I will definitely have a range of them in my supplies shop in the next week or so, keep an eye out for them.

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