2 Nov 2011

Le Groan, Le Sigh, I'm Doing My Accounts

I'm doing my most hated thing at the moment; my accounts. It's pretty much the definition of hell for me, and as I gather from other crafts blogs, hell on earth for all crafters. I'm hideously disorganised; lots or receipts and scraps of paper with no rhyme or reason to them. I'm reminded of the scene in Dodgeball when Vince Vaughns character shows the tax inspector a closet that looks like it hasn't been opened in years piled high with his 'accounts', that's me.
I wish I could clone myself right now, that daydream will just have to sustain me through the next few days. It's time now for lunch, a cup of tea, and an imaginary biscuit(today I'm deeply regretting my embargo on sweet things!)

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