23 Nov 2011

What I'm Wearing; Pastels(that's a rarity)

Please excuse the grumpy expression, it was early I was on my way to the market on Sunday when I took this photo, and I was running kind of late.

I never used to wear pastels, I either wear really bright colours, or black, nothing in between. But this year I started to get into them a bit when all those lovely greys were in the high street. When I got used to grey, I got to like dusty pink, and before I knew it I was eyeing up dusty earthy tones in the shop!

The trousers are new, this is a bit of a weird picture and doesn't really show how nice they are. They are pleated at the top, and have nice pockets. They are nice turned up, which looks better with slip on pumps and no socks, but it's just too darned cold for that in the market.

Trousers: Pennys €16
Top: free from my friend Orla, it has bell sleaves, is short at the front(hence the need for the lace vest) and long at the back, I love it!
Cardigan: River Island €14, it's lacey in parts, is also asymmetrical, and is really versatile to throw over anything.
Shoes: I can't remember, probably Dunnes, I think they were about a fiver
Jacket: Monsoon on sale for €50, it was €100, I got it in the Kildare outlet centre. It's a bit girly for me, but it's nice with a shift dress for the Jackie O look.
Hat and Scarf: free! I got them in bags of clothes that people have to me to upcycle. I love free things!

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