8 Nov 2011

Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

After my tumble off a bike on Thursday I decided to go to A&E yesterday, at least now I can say with confidence that it's not broken (rather than blindly hoping). It was a 5 hour wait in the hospital, but at least I can put my mind at rest. I thought it was weird that I was the only person with a book, surely it's the ideal way to pass the time?

Thankfully I can move the lower part of my arm and I have full movement in my fingers. I had thought that I would be able to do no work for about a week or two but I've figured out a way to sew. If I do the stitches with my left hand and move the piece of work with my right that means I don't have to flex my arm.I'm doing exercises to loosen up my shoulder, but at the moment this method of working will have to do.

Last night I made these little Christmas tree decorations, I think they would be super cute hanging from a tree, or a door knob. I have lots more prepped to do,so I'm gonna sit down on the sofa and so some more today.I am still an injured patient after all, so I don't feel bad about watching films during the day!
I'm still deciding on what to charge for them, €5 seems too little to pay me for my time, but I know they won't sell as well if I charge €6. Any advice?


  1. wow mine are almost the same (i dont sell them on etsy, i make enough to give as gifts) i love your dotty ribbon on them!

  2. These are so wonderful..I would love to have a go at making them. My daughter loves any activity like this so it will be perfect for us to do together!

  3. Thanks Nancy, yeah I think they are a fairly common design, but still super cute,I'm sure people love getting them as gifts!!

    Fairtrade-the key is to make a cardboard template so all your tree shapes are cut to the same size. Have fun with your daughter!!


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